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The Vluggen Institute is dedicated to creating exemplary Equine Osteopaths in art, knowledge, capability and expertise, through the highest intensive education possible, accreditated for veterinarians by the KNMvD. On completion of the full courses at the Vluggen Institute and passing the mandatory exams before the IREO® exam committee, you may register with the independent IREO® (International register of Equine Osteopathy) and after registration allowed to use the international wordmark Equine Osteopath E.D.O.® !


A consecutive twelve modular education of four days per module four to five times a year, for: Veterinarians, Osteopaths D.O. or, Dr. of Chiropractic

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A consecutive sixteen modular education of five days per module four to five times a year, for: physiotherapists, all animal therapists and all equal and comparable certified education holders are allowed to enter the non-vet education.

Non-vet education


It is our aim and goal to promote and educate the Equine Osteopathy (and Canine Osteopathy) as an independent profession as it is formulated and regulated with verifiable high-level standards and scientific foundation by the Worldwide Alliance of Equine Osteopaths (WAEO) and the International Register for Equine Osteopathy (IREO®), complementary and in conjunction with veterinary medicine. The Vluggen Institute strongly promotes the conjunction between the Equine Osteopathy and veterinary medicine since it sincerely trusts with ample evidence that the two different paradigms and philosophies are complimentary in a symbiotic manner.

Precedential standards

Founder and head instructor Mr. Janek Vluggen D.O., MRO-EU, EDO® is recognized as the leading expert in the field of modern Equine Osteopathy. He graduated as a human osteopath D.O., from the International Academy of Osteopathy in Belgium/Europe. People around the world are following his lectures.

The Vluggen Institute is proud to have set precedential standards to be the only educational equine/canine osteopathy institution worldwide to fulfill all the requirements and continues to meet the high standards of the International Register for Equine Osteopathy IREO®.

We offer education in Equine Osteopathy for Vets (Veterinarians, Dr. of Chiropractic, Human Osteopaths D.O.) and Non-Vets (all kind of animal therapists, farriers, Equine dentists, Vet Technicians, etc.) Please note that we offer an intensive and high level education. You need time to study at home between the modules!

" Teaching hands and opening minds, one student at a time"

Janek Vluggen, D.O. MRO. EDO®

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